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About Kiyan Prince Foundation

When Kiyan Prince, a talented young footballer, was stabbed aged 15, his death nearly destroyed Dr Mark Prince OBE. Instead, Mark used his power of choice to honour Kiyan’s legacy by devoting his future to supporting at risk young people to break free from the gravitational pull of gang culture and youth violence. Based on the 12 rounds of boxing, KPF’s ‘Future Champions’ programme focuses on self-discovery, self-discipline and self-coaching to help young people use their power of choice to develop a “champions” mindset and to make positive decisions to become ready to lead, serve, and fight for the future they deserve. As an authentic voice advocating for young people, KPF uses the platform we have to undertake groundbreaking research and to call on policy makers to use their power of choice to best support young people and their futures. Please support the work of the Kiyan Prince Foundation by donating £10 per month. Donation :

KPF’s work

KPF works with young people, especially those at risk of involvement in youth violence, and supports them to use their power of choice to value their own lives and the lives of others. Working in schools, in the community and in young offenders’ institutions, KPF uses boxing and life coaching to focus on self-discovery, self-discipline and self-coaching and to help young people find their purpose and place in the world.

There are 3 core areas to our work:

  1. Direct youth work 

We have delivered our 3 programmes to over 5,500 young people in the past 12 months:

Power of Choice talks, Boxing and life coaching & The Future Champions 12 week personal development and coaching programme

      2 . Advocacy

We use KPF’ s authentic voice advocating for young people to publish research reports and to influence public policy.

  1. Community Events 


We run a number of events each year to raise awareness, including :  ‘Future Champions Cup’ celebrity football match  & ‘Jabbing not Stabbing’ celebrity boxing event

You can further details on our website:

The Power of Choice campaign

This week we have published a major new report ‘The Power of Choice – young people’s views on reducing youth violence’ in collaboration with public policy experts Public First.

You can read the full report here.

From a national representative poll of more than 1,000 16-24-year-olds, the report found that a majority of young people in the UK worry they will be threatened with a knife (56%) or mugged (50%) in their local area. In addition, nearly a third of young people have personally witnessed youth crime and some 39% believe their home town has become less safe in the last two years.

The findings show that the work of organisations like KPF is needed now more than  ever.