Close Protection & Vip Services

Recent global events and the world wide economy downturn have caused an ever increasing threat from terrorism, radicalism, criminal gangs and on occasions from what appear to be the general public.

The need for close protection is paramount, especially when dealing with such threats.

Pace Security Services have been employed in overt security operations throughout the UK for various clients and establishments.

We have experienced and trained security operatives to give you all round close protection services whether it needs to be discreet or highly visible, with extensive planning we ensure your business day or event runs smoothly.

Our teams are customized to each client’s individual requirements with consideration given to the operating environment, very latest threat state and security profile.

We have a wealth of experience in close protection. Gained in the UK and overseas, our operators are experts in understanding threat and risk mitigation to ensure your safety.

There are a host of reasons why you might need a close protection officer. You may be a high net worth individual, or you may be working in an environment where the risks are higher.

Whatever the reason, Pace has a solution for you.

We pride ourselves on being flexible, adaptable and approachable. We can provide a solution to suit your personal needs.

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