Business Objectives

  • Meet and continuously improve on customer needs and expectations, through consistently reviewing client feedback.
  • Continuous Improvement of Market Perception, through social media, brand and word of mouth
  • Improve Employee Competence and Motivation, through being fully inclusive, training & competency checks, access to further training and promotion, celebrating success, staff incentives & employee assist programme.
  • Improve Supplier Engagement, through a commitment to our approved contractor register.
  • Safe Working Environment and Positive Health and Safety Culture, through consistent risk assessment, training, hazard reporting, 24/7 access to a doctor and counselling services and competent HSEQ audits
  • Protection of the Environment and Sustainability, Through commitment to our people, training, policy review and the pledge to support our local charity food bank.
  • Increase business opportunities, through employing into the correct roles and rewarding those individuals that present business pipelines and/or work hard to maintain current contracts.
  • Quality Management, through continuously improving, ensuring we share best practise and all our operations are conducted within the current legal framework.
  • Consider where appropriate the risk and environmental activities of staff and clients and will consider any other risk and environmental factors of stakeholders that might affect the sequence of operations, including stakeholder’s needs and expectations.