Drone Technology

Indoor & Outdoor Drones for Surveillance: Enhancing Security in Warehouses, Retail Spaces, Data Centres, Offices, and High-Value Goods Protection. By leveraging drone technology, businesses can not only bolster their security measures but also streamline operations and mitigate risks effectively.

There exists an alternative approach to acquiring drone surveillance: “as a service”. Opting for this procurement method can significantly reduce the complexity involved in the process and allocate accountability and ownership to Pace Security Services.

Why implement drones as a technological alternative to foot patrols:

  • Surveillance and Inspection Anytime, Anywhere
  • Flexibility for Indoor and Outdoor Drone Patrols
  • Reduction in Manpower and Human Error
  • Comprehensive Coverage for Difficult-to-Monitor Areas, Including High, Low, and Long-Distance Locations
  • Integration of 4K Resolution & Thermal Sensing Cameras
  • Minimal Recharge Times for Continuous Operation
  • Utilisation of 3G Connectivity and Cloud Storage
  • Real-Time Transmission of Live Videos and Images to Multiple Contacts and First Responders
  • Capability for Ad Hoc or Immediate Emergency Response
  • Early Detection of Emergency Incidents such as leaks or floods
  • Versatility in Road, Building, High-Risk, and Fence Line Inspections
  • Potential Reduction in Insurance Costs and Enhancement of Compliance